In recent years, live theatre has seemed to languish as never before. Relegated to the activities of a limited number of devoted patrons, live theatre is reaching a meager demographic compared to most other forms in the arena of performance art. The exposure emerging generations have had to this medium is confined to literary analysis taught in school English classes. The theatre in the worst of cases is regarded as stale and irrelevant to modern, contemporary society.

It is the mission of the Random Acts Theatre Company that such misconception of the theatre might be dispelled through making available opportunities to experience theatre that connects viscerally, intellectually, socially, and philosophically to audiences that might otherwise be quick to dismiss it.

The unique joy of theatre to other forms of art and recreation is unmistakable to any who have been a part of the experience. Despite this fact, local theatre companies struggle for their financial survival, due only to lack of interest. Only through generating a lasting appreciation among people of all walks of life (a task which the Random Acts Theatre Company gladly accepts) can theatre be expected to endure as the vital art form it has been for so long.

It is the endeavor of the Random Acts Theatre Company to demonstrate that live theatre is not merely an exhausted form whose day has past, but an unparalleled, often times enlightening, experience that truly enriches our quality of life.

As ever, Random Acts invites those who recognize Art (and in this particular instance, specifically Theatre) as a crucial institution to maintaining, sustaining, and progressing "our" and all other cultures and societies; that without art there is nothing.

Those that don't think pretentious the notion that life is art, love is art and all efforts to aspire to a similar plateau of undefinable, inexplicable sublimity too are art.

Those that defy explanation, in action or in thought, in philosophy (whether spoken aloud or held to ones self) for the sake of preserving what little originality persists in this world.

Those that challenge defeatism, deny fatalism, resist and revolt with their every breath against what some might think inevitable, with the hope and promise of Art's influence.

Those who realize that imagining is not an idle exercise, but the essence of life itself and without this we are none of us alive, but merely the cogs of a wheel ever turning yet signifying nothing.