The Gog/Magog Project

Critically acclaimed “The Gog/Magog Project” makes its London debut!

Successful productions in L.A., NYC, Chicago, and Exeter have all touted the legend of Gog.

This bold and daring project is based on the mysterious demise of performance artist Alexander Gog, an event still shrouded in rumour and supposition and due to ongoing legal considerations must be presented as a work of fiction.

'Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, and let me invite you into my askew little project…’

So begins the dark comedy that is The Gog/Magog Project, a searing social commentary and exploration of the nature of artistic expression that chronicles the fifteen-year incarceration of Alexander Gog.

More than a decade ago, Alexander Gog embarked on a radical experiment, caging himself in a theatre and delivering nightly performances from his cell for a period of one year as part of The Gog/Magog Project. Tragically, what was meant to be one year has become fifteen, with Gog moved from venue to venue, country to country, and made to survive on a diet of The Daily Telegraph and Banana-Flavoured ‘Moon Pies’.

Now, London plays host to this extraordinary show for the first time. From behind the bars of his home, Gog takes audiences with him in a virtuoso performance which is as unnerving as it is hilarious.

Not for the faint hearted, this politically charged piece of alternative theatre invites audiences to travel the myriad labyrinth that forms the fractured psyche of an artist named Gog in an experience the likes of which London has never seen…

Script by Jason Lindner
Directed with Additional Material by Adam Brummitt
Produced by Kate Wilson

With Support From:
Venus Raven: Stage Manager
Kirsty White: Principal Stage Coordinator

The Gog/Magog Project (Trailer No. 1)
The Gog/Magog Project (Trailer No. 2)

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